Case Study: HARP

Following six months of program involvement Mr Anderson had improved significantly recording a result of 545.5 metres walking distance covered in six minute testing against an initial result of 78 metres. Read More


Welcome to the Seymour Health website. Our vision is to become a recognised leading provider of Rural Health Services. Seymour Health is one of the major employers in Seymour. Over 200 staff provide clinical care, support services, residential care for high needs clients and a wide range of community services. We are located at Bretonneux St, Seymour and service the communities in the Lower Hume region.

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Interested in joining our Community Reference Committee?

Feb 19, 2015

Seymour Health established a Community Reference Committee in 2013.  The members of this committee provide a vital role in ensureing that the voice of the Seymour and district community is heard at this health service.

Providing direct input to the Board, the Community Reference Committee has an increasing role in the development and strategic direction of Seymour Health.

The Committee meets every second month and provides feedback, perspective, ideas and advice to Seymour Health Board, ensuring that the community's views are heard.  The Committee also provides comments on issues referred to them from the Board and staff at Seymour Health.

This important committee is open for further applications from community members who would like to contribute to the future direction of Seymour Health.

Applications and further information are available from the Executive Assistant on 5793 6109 or via email to