Access to Medical Records

Under the Freedom of Information Act 1982 (FOI Act 1982), you have the right to access your health record held at Seymour Health, including records held at Ambulatory Care Centre, District Nursing Service, Post Acute Care, Lower Hume Palliative Care, Barrabill House Nursing home and Social Support Group.

How to apply?

Your request must be submitted in writing - either in the form of a letter or a completed FOI Access Request form. Please note that requests cannot be processed without some form of identification such as current Passport, driving licence etc.

All requests should be addressed to:
FOI Officer
Seymour Health
1 Bretonneux Street
Seymour Vic 3660

or via email to to have the appropriate form sent to you.

You can also contact the FOI officer on telephone (03) 5793 6100 or emial via LiquidFiles:

Who can apply?

A patient, legal representative, or insurance company may apply under the FOI Act. If a person other than the patient applies, we must have the written consent of the patient, or in the case of a deceased patient, the written consent of the next of kin.

Different options for accessing your medical records
You have a number of options available to you regarding how you access your records:

  • Inspection of the original health record under supervision and/or accompanied by an explanation by the health service provider (specific part or whole of the medical record)
  • or provision of a photocopy or summary (if you agree) of a specific part or whole of the medical record
  • or both of the above

If you wish the copy of the record to be posted, the postal address should be provided with your application.

What will it cost?

To process your request we require the application fee as specified in the Access Request Form. Other costs that may apply include:

  • 20 cents per page for photocopying
  • $20 search fee (if applicable)
  • $5 per quarter hour in respect of supervision of inspection of medical record only
  • $25 per quarter hour (max $80), for providing supervision and explanation of the contents
  • $25 per quarter hour (max $80), for providing an accurate summary of requested medical record
  • There may be further costs involved with postage of the copy of the record (if not collected personally)

How long will it take?

Once we receive your FOI application/Access request form and the FOI application fee, we have a maximum of 30 days to process your request.

As soon as a decision is made we will send you a letter informing you whether your application has been approved or declined.  We will also send you a receipt for your application fee and a further invoice listing any additional charges associated with your application.

If your request is urgent, please indicate this on your application form.

For more information, please contact Seymour Health Freedom of Information Officer by email at or telephone (03) 5793 6100.