Case Study: Ambulatory Care

Mrs Marie Coughlin was referred to Cardiac rehabilitation by her local GP with Heart Failure.

Assessment took place identifying problems with: ™™

  • Breathlessness ™™
  • Understanding of heart failure ™™
  • Inhaler technique and understanding of inhaler medications ™™
  • Exercise limited due to symptoms ™™
  • Anxiety and difficultly coping

All of these areas were addressed initially with attendance at the 6 week program of cardiac rehabilitation which included sessions covering: The heart and exercise, risk factors, healthy eating part 1 and 2, stress, depression and relaxation plus medications.

An exercise session was also taken each week increasing time spent physically training from 11 minutes in the first week to 30 minutes a few weeks later.

The girls have been fantastic and they now have me doing the works in the gym and give me follow up support in my home. I would recommend the service to anyone who wants to get and stay healthy. It’s a wonderful service and has been absolutely fantastic for me”

Mrs Coughlin was referred to the Chronic Disease Management – HARP – BCOP (Hospital Admission Risk Program Better Care for Older People) service following her cardiac rehabilitation program completion. Since commencing with the HARP BCOP service Mrs Coughlin has received: ™™

  • Occupational Therapy home assessment for home modifications and falls education ™™
  • Input also from Physiotherapist, Pharmacist and Dietician ™™
  • Care plan set up with education from nurse on heart failure including self management guidance on weight management & fluid restriction, chest pain action plan, physical activity plan, anxiety, medication, and diet and nutrition information ™™
  • Regular exercise with the team assistant between home and Ambulatory Care Centre ™™
  • Regular review with social worker ™™
  • Referral to Planned Activity Group for social interaction

Mrs Coughlin reports that the service ‘has helped me stay at home as I didn’t want to go anywhere else, but I was getting more breathless and didn’t understand why. It was affecting my life and I wasn’t able to do any exercise. Having it all explained to me I now understand it was part of my heart condition.’

Mrs Coughlin’s GP has been involved and communicated with throughout both service interventions.

Image: Mrs Marie Coughlin with Team Assistant Wendy Plant