Surgical Patients

Dental surgery patients

All patients admitted for dental procedures are self-funded patients of the visiting Oral Surgeon.

The visiting oral surgeon and the anaesthetist fees are private and are not administered by Seymour Health.  Some oral surgeons and anaesthetists may request full or part-payment of their account prior to the procedure. Seymour Health recommends that patients check with their surgeon.
Patients will receive a bill from their oral surgeon and one from their anaesthetist. The anaesthetist account is partially rebated by Medicare.
These are not Seymour Heaalth charges.  A hospital bed fee is payable prior to your admission on the day of the procedure.
Depending on the level of health insurance cover, patients with private health insurance, including extras, may be entitled to receive some rebate for the surgeon's and / or other fees.  Seymour Health recommends that you check with your private health insurance fund.

If you have questions, please feel free to contact us