Urgent Care Centre

Seymour Health Urgent Care Centre is staffed by a Nurse Practitioner and nursing staff, qualified and skilled in emergency care.

Nurse Practitioners are Registered Nurses who have a Masters Degree and extensive clinical training in order to perform advanced physical assessments, order diagnostic tests, interpret the results of these tests, initiate referrals and prescribe appropriate medications.

On presentation to the Urgent Care Centre, a nurse will assess a person’s medical condition and assign them an ‘urgency’ or ‘triage’ category. There are five triage categories ranging from patients who require resuscitation (triage category 1) to patients whose medical needs are not urgent (triage category 5).

Seymour Health does not employ Doctors. The UCC service is provided with the support of Seymour’s General Practitioner workforce who service the UCC in addition to their normal workload. The nursing staff have a professional working relationship with the GPs, which enables them to discuss treatment options. If you are seen by a Doctor, you will be charged by the Doctor for the visit and out of pocket expenses are also possible.

If your condition requires more specialist investigation or care than can be provided at Seymour Health, transfer by ambulance may be required.  The patient is responsible for the cost of ambulance transport.