Goranwarrabul House

Pleasant Place, Healing Place, Peaceful Place

CTHG ‘Lower Hume’ Project utilises a residential property located on hospital campus, located at the corner of Callen & Bretonneux Streets.

A small working group was formed to to manage, plan and oversee daily functioning of the property. The Working Group which includes members of the Steering Committee as well as members of the community meets once a month. 

The Working Group reports back to the CTHG ‘Lower Hume’ Project Steering Committee.

Goranwarrabul House is a place that is dedicated to improving health and wellbeing needs for Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander People.  It's a place where community can access culturally appropriate information and resources, and get to know other Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander People living in their local areas.

Goranwarrabul House aims to offer various health and wellbeing workshops, training, information sessions and groups to educate and improve health issues, barriers and outcomes for the Lower Hume Communities.

All are welcome to call in for a cuppa, yarn and to have a look around.  Your feedback will assist us in future directions.

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