Oral Health Services

Seymour Oral Health Services clinic is located at the Healthscope Pathology building, adjacent to the main hospital in Bretonneux Street Seymour.

Who can use the Oral Health Service?

The following groups may have priority access to care:

  • Children and young people
  • Pregnant women
  • Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders
  • Homeless people and people at risk of homelessness
  • Refugees and asylum seekers
  • Registered clients of mental health and disability services*
    *These priority groups will require a letter of recommendation from a case manager, doctor or special developmental school.
All children aged up to 12 years:
  • This service is free of charge for children who have, or are dependants of healthcare or pensioner concession card holders
  • Co-payment of $31.00 for children without a healthcare or pensioner concession card
Youth 13 - 17 years:
  • Youth who have, or are dependants of healthcare or pensioner concession card holders
  • All youth who are in out-of-home care provided by the Department of Human Services
Adult Services:
  • Adults who are healthcare or pensioner concession card holders
  • Co-payment of $29.50 per visit - capped at $118 for general care
  • $70.50 per denture (acrylic only)

Please note that presentation of healthcare/pension/concession card is required.

Adults who do not meet the above criteria are not eligible for this service; please contact Dental service staff on 5793 6126 for a list of private dental clinics.

Pre-school and primary school children to Grade 6 for non-concession card holders

  • Pre-school, primary and secondary students for current concession card holders
  • All children enrolled in Special or Special Development Schools
  • School leavers under 18 and Adults with a current concession card

What type of care is offered?

  • Examinations (check-ups)
  • Treatment, including:
    • Dental sealants to prevent decay
    • Application of fluoride
    • Fillings
    • X-rays
    • Extractions

Wait list information

  • Clients can only be on one wait list of one community dental clinic at a time
  • Clients may transfer to the wait list of another clinic and there is no penality for changing clinics; the wait list date is transferred across to the new clinic
  • There is no wait list for Child, Youth and Priority access groups

Who provides the treatment?

  • All general treatment is provided by qualified dental therapists
  • More complex care is performed by dentists

How do I enrol in the Oral Health Service?

Contact the Oral Health team on 5793 6126. An answering machine will take your message for staff to return your call if the clinic is busy or closed.

How often can students use the Oral Health Service?

Once enrolled, you will receive a notice of offer every 12 or 24 months for school children up to age 18, according to their identified risk status.

  • Children at low-risk of dental disease will be contacted every 24 months
  • Children with a high risk of dental disease will be contacted every 12 months

How often can Adults use the Oral Health Service?

Eligible adults are placed on a waiting list for oral health care.  Patients will be contacted once they get to the top of the list.  Patients may only be on one waiting list for a community dental clinic, however may transfer from one clinic's waiting list to another without disrupting their position on the list.

What does it cost?

  • The service is free for children of parents with a valid concession card
  • Non cardholders pay a fee of $34.50 per child (maximum of $138 per family) per course of care, which
    includes a check up and all general treatment
  • The service is free for all children enrolled in Special or Special Development Schools
  • Payment can be made by cash, credit card, cheque or money order made payable to DHSV

Smiles 4 Miles Program

  • Smiles 4 Miles aims to improve the oral health of preschool aged children in Victoria. It is an initiative of Dental Health Services Victoria, working in partnership with Lower Hume PCP to improve the oral health of the youngest children in our community. The program is based on the World Health Organisation’s Health Promoting Schools Framework and is delivered predominantly in kindergartens.
  • Seymour Health Dental Service has supported the Smiles 4 Miles programs key messages of Drink Well, Eat Well and Clean Well since 2014 and partners with the local coordinator to deliver dental education and screening sessions within Smiles 4 Miles registered services.

Click here for Smiles 4 Miles key message resource page for your 0-5 year old.

For more information regarding the Smiles 4 Miles program and its key messages please visit http://lhpcp.org.au/smiles-4-miles/