Pre-Admission Clinic

Pre-Admission Clinic is run on an appointment system by Seymour Health Nursing staff to prepare you for your surgery or procedure by:

  • carrying out a health assessment to determine your fitness for the planned procedure;
  • providing you with information about the procedure and answering of any questions you may have, and
  • planning additional services that may be required on discharge to meet your physical, social or psychological care needs

Where is the Pre-Admission Clinic held?

Pre-Admission Clinic is held at the Ambulatory Care Centre, located on the corner of Bretonneux and Villers St Seymour in the health service precinct.

What will happen at the Pre-Admission Clinic?

  • The Nurse will explain what is involved with your hospital stay, your recovery, length of stay in hospital and going home from hospital
  • Your blood pressure will be checked, your weight recorded and you will be asked to provide details about your health and medical history
  • If further tests (i.e. heart trace - ECG, blood tests) are required, the Nurse will arrange these.

Following this assessment, the Pre-Admission Nurse may also request that you visit your Anaesthetist before surgery. The Anaesthetist will assess your fitness for surgery and anaesthesia, recommend a type of anaesthesia to suit your needs and discuss pain relief options.

For Orthopaedic Surgery, you may also be seen at the Pre-Admission Clinic by the Physiotherapist and / or Occupational Therapist who will assess your physical needs and discuss exercise, recovery and going home plan.

What do I need to bring to the Pre-admission clinic?

  • Any medications (in their original packaging if available) or puffers currently being used (or a detailed list of amounts and times taken) including herbal and over the counter products purchased from health food shops, supermarkets or pharmacies.
  • Pacemaker - type and manufacturer details (if you have one)
  • Your blood group card (if you have one)
  • Any medical letters, x-rays, or recent blood test results
  • A list of questions regarding your surgery and/or recovery
  • You may wish to have a support person (family or friend) come with you, particularly if you have hearing difficulties or a disability that makes you dependant on others for assistance

When does Pre-Admission Clinic run?

  • Mondays from 9 - 4.30pm
  • Friday from 9 - 4.30pm
  • Allow 30 minutes for your appointment

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