Public or Private?

Seymour Health respects your choice to be treated as either a private or public patient.

Private Patient

Public Patient

  • You will receive the highest possible standard of care
  • You will receive the highest possible standard of care
  • You will be admitted to a private room (if available)
  • You will receive a shared room or a single room accommodation
  • You will be treated by your own doctor or the Visiting Medical Officer on-call to treat you in hospital
  • You will be treated by your own doctor or the Visiting Medical Officer on-call to treat you in hospital
  • Theatre patients, you may have all medical costs
    associated with your procedure at this hospital as a
    private patient met by Medicare, your private health
    insurance fund and Seymour Health; as not all visiting Surgeons participate in this arrangement, patients should check with the Admissions Officer on 5793 6192 prior to admission
  • You will incur no costs from Seymour Health as a public inpatient
  • Out of pocket expenses and compulsory excess
    payments will be met by Seymour Health for most
    private admissions of Australian residents

  • Seymour Health (with your consent) will claim
    your medical costs and pay the balance amounts owing

Please advise the person admittting you if:

  • You are a DVA cardholder or are currently employed by the Army, Navy or Air Force
  • Your admission is the result of a motor vehicle or motor cycle accident - you may be eligible for TAC classifications
  • Your admission is the result of an accident or injury at your workplace - you may be eligible for Workcover

We can assist you with the lodgement of your claim.

There are many health insurance providers throughout Australia and many different types of health cover.  As Seymour Health is a public hospital, event the most basic level of health insurance will cover you if you elect to be treated as a private patient.

When admitted to Seymour Health, you will be asked if you have private health insurance and wish to use it.  The information is recorded on your computer file to assist staff with your admission and subsequent discharge.

Why use your Private Health Insurance?

As well as the benefits listed above, every time you use your private health insurance, you are providing significant benefits to Seymour Health. Using your private health insurance helps us to:

  • maintain a high standard of service
  • upgrade our facilities and equipment
  • attract and retain services and staff for the Seymour and surrounding community

We have a limited number of single rooms in the General Ward.  These rooms are primarily allocated to patients based on medical need.  However, we will always endeavour to allocate private patients to single rooms where available.   Local telephone calls are free for all patients.

Are there any exclusions?

Yes, dental patients are excluded from this program.  Patients who are not Australian residents are excluded.

If you are a private patient, we recommend that you also read the section called Information for Private Patients – Click here


If you would like to discuss this further please Contact us.