Annual Report 2017-2018

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Victorian Quality Account 2017-18

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Gifts, Benefits & Hospitality

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Environmental Sustainability Strategy 2018 - 2021

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Environmental Performance Report 2017-18

Seymour Health is committed to improving the sustainable environment through community awareness and commitment of staff to implement efficiencies across the organisation.

During the 2017-18 year we have:

  • Continued the LED lighting replacement program, installing new LED ceiling lights
  • Education of clinical staff to separate clinical and general waste correctly
  • Considered disposal of unused equipment through donations to other organisations and segregation of scrap metal
  • Eliminated use of harmful substances in cleaning consumables
  • Continued education on use of microfiber by environmental services staff
Total actual usage

2015 - 16 2017 - 18 2016 - 17
Greenhouse gas emissions
Greenhouse gas emissions (tonnes CO2e) 1,590 1,614 1,609


Electricity usage has increased, however gas usage and water consumption has reduced.  There are opportunities within future capital projects to consider attributes which provide environmental benefits to our staff and consumers.

Electricity (GJ)

4,237 4,329 4,431
Natural Gas (GJ) 5,051 5,885 5,423
Potable Water (KL) 11,981 12,425 12,265
Waste & Recycling

The waste results provide an opportunity for improvement throughout the organisation to reduce the environmental impact of waste/landfill.

2016 - 17 (i) 2017 - 18
Total waste generated 
(kg clinical waste+kg general waste+kg recycling waste)
95,394 114,915
Recycling rate %
(kg recycling / (kg general waste+kg recycling)
28.14 27.73

(i)    2017-18 data includes secured document disposal and toner waste recycle.


Introduction of “Follow me” printing has reduced the paper usage per FTE.

Total reams of paper 1,108 1,135
Reams of paper per FTE 8.33 7.99
Rate recycled paper % (0% - 49%) 100.00 100.00