Annual Report 2020-2021

Our 2020-21 Annual Report is available in PDF format; click here to download.

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Victorian Quality Account 2020-21

The 2020-21 Victorian Quality Account was not required to be published due to COVID-19.


Awarding of Contract for Barrabill House Aged Care Facility 10-bed Wing Extension

A select tender process was advertised in October 2020 for the construction of a 10-bed Aged Care Wing Extension to Barrabill House. Following tender closing and evaluation, a contract was entered into with INTREC Management P/L to undertake these works.

Key details: Demolish existing structures and construct a 10-bed dementia capable Aged Care Wing Extension, aligned to the existing Barrabill House Aged Care Facility.

Estimated Tender Contract: $3,000,000


Gifts, Benefits & Hospitality

In accordance with the Victorian Public Sector Commission (VPSC) guidelines, Seymour Health makes its gifts, benefits and hospitality policy and register available to the community.

Seymour Health Gifts, Benefits and Hospitality policy is available here

Seymour Health's Gifts, Benefits and Hospitality register is available here


Environmental Sustainability Strategy 2018 - 2021

Click here to download Seymour Health's Environmental Sustainability Strategy


Environmental Performance Report 2020-21

Seymour Health are committed to improving the sustainable environment through community awareness and commitment of staff to implement efficiencies across the organisation.  As a health service, we have a responsibility to rise to the challenges and contribute to a sustainable environment through planned and well managed policies and actions.

This approach to a sustainable environment is highlighted in Seymour Health’s Strategic Plan

Goal 5:   Responsibly meeting future health care needs

Strategy:  Provide a responsible and efficient working environment

2020-21 Achievements

  • Environmental Sustainability working group meetings are undertaken to consider new initiatives and report progress on the Environmental Action Plan
  • Solar panels project:  Solar panels installed main hospital building
  • Online newsletters available to staff and community
  • Digital screens displaying information to staff and visitors
  • Implementation of on-line temperature monitoring for fridges
  • Environmentally friendly biodegradable disposable containers and cups
  • Vehicle fleet includes hybrid fleet vehicles
  • Barrabill House additional beds project incorporates environmental planning with natural and energy efficient lighting and enhanced technology
  • Upgraded signage for Clinical Waste disposal / correct separation of waste
  • Ongoing consideration of disposal of recycling, including IV bags
  • Ongoing consideration of disposal of hard rubbish and e’waste
  • Ongoing replacement plan of bottled water with plumbed potable water


Total actual usage

2018 - 19 2019 - 20 2020 - 21
Greenhouse gas emissions
Greenhouse gas emissions (tonnes CO2e) 1,609 1,564 1,544


Electricity usage is consistent with previous years.  Reduction in electricity is expected with the implmentation of solar panels in 2020 - 21.  Gas usage and water soncumption has returned to 2017 - 18 usage, post Urgent Care Centre redevelopment works.  The Barrabill House additional beds project will consider attributes which provide environmental benefits to our staff and consumers.

Electricity (GJ)

4,586 4,544 4,663
Natural Gas (GJ) 4,769 5,368 5,336
Potable Water (KL) 10,875 11,499 16,899
Waste & Recycling

Seymour Health actively seeks opportunities to reduce the environmental impact of waste/landfill.

2018 - 19(i) 2019 - 20 2020 - 21
Total waste generated 
(kg clinical waste+kg general waste+kg recycling waste)
135,367 115,458 111,791
Recycling rate %
(kg recycling / (kg general waste+kg recycling)
41.06 29.59 31.98

(i)    Data from 2017-18 onwards includes secured document disposl and toner waste recycle.


Introduction of “Follow me” printing has reduced the paper usage per FTE.

Total reams of paper 1,1061 1,075 1,061
Reams of paper per FTE 7.47 7.36 6.67
Rate recycled paper % (0% - 49%) 100.00 100.00 100.00