Patient Rights and Responsibilities

The basic rights of human beings for independence of expression, decision and action, and concern for personal dignity and human relationships are always of great importance.  During sickness, however, the presence or absence of these rights become a vital, deciding factor in survival and recovery.  Thus, it becomes a prime responsibility of health care facilities to endeavour to assure that these rights are preserved for their patients. In providing care, health care facilities have the right to expect behaviour on the part of patients and their relatives and friends, which considering the nature of illness, is reasonable and responsible."


Seymour Health welcomes your feedback, you will find the feedback form here. You can submit this form once completed to Chief Executive Officer, Seymour Health, Bretonneux Street, Seymour 3661, marked "In-Confidence".  Alternatively, click on the Contact Us link at the bottom of this page and submit your comments or complaint by email with "In-Confidence" in the subject line. Your feedback is always welcome.

Hospital Patients

Click here for Your Rights and Responsibilities as a patient at Seymour Health.

Aged Care

As a resident of an aged care facility you have the same rights as every other member of the community.

You also have additional rights because you live in residential care.  For example, the right to make decisions about your lifestyle, the right to live safely and the right to complain if you are not satisfied.

Rights and responsibilities

The Charter of Resident’s Rights and Responsibilities is a document that describes, in general terms, your rights and responsibilities.  For example, the right to quality care, the right to privacy and the right to complain. You can access a copy of this document by clicking here.

Resident Agreement

When you move into an aged care facility you must be offered a resident agreement.  These agreements cover such things as the services that can be provided, how daily fees are calculated and your rights and responsibilities.

The Aged Care Act and Aged Care Act Principles

All nursing homes that receive Commonwealth Government funding must comply with The Aged Care Act.  They cover areas such as, what must be in a resident agreement, how your daily fees are worked out, the situations when you can be asked to leave etc. Further information about accessing Aged Care within Australia can be found at:

Information about residential care for older persons available for people of Cultural and Linguistic Diverse backgrounds in languages other than English at

Aged Care Complaints

To download the Aged Care complaints form in PDF format, please click here. The completed form can be lodged in the feedback box at Barrabill House, emailed to, or posted to Seymour Health, 1 Bretonneux Street Seymour Vic 3660.

Community Health and Allied Health

Community Services and Allied Health providers and the community Rehabilitation Service have also developed documentation responding to Rights and Responsibilities of clients and these should be referred to and read in conjunction with policies that refer more patients in and acute hospital setting.

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