X-Ray and Pathology

Both X-Ray and Pathology services are provided at Seymour Health by private providers who:

  • Lease their facilities from the Hospital
  • Recruit and employ their own staff
  • Require a GP or Specialist referral
  • Bill the patients for any services provided
  • Send the reports directly to the referral GP or Specialist

Seymour Medical Imaging (SMI) - Medical Imaging services

SMI is a fully digital department with state of the art equipment. Services provided include x-ray, breast imaging, ultrasound and CT scanning.

SMI is located within the main Hospital building and can be accessed from the front entrance. Parking is available in Bretonneux and Callen streets in the designated parking areas.

SMI website is located at www.gvig.com.au and allows referrers to view patient reports and images online and patient to obtain information about procedures and other GVIG sites.

Medical referral is necessary from your GP or specialist. Reports are sent directly to your referring GP and/or specialist. Patients are responsible for the collection and keeping of x-rays or scans.

Services are provided Monday to Friday by appointment. Emergency after hours service is provided. SMI will bill the patients for the services provided.

Phone: 5792 1188

australian CLINICAL LABS - Pathology Services

Location - Pathology services are located at the Edwin Russell Building adjacent to the Hospital.
Parking - is available in Villers Street.

Clinical Labs Pathology also provide an outreach service to other sites. Services provided include:

  • Routine blood and urine tests
  • Cardiac monitoring and ECGs.

No appointments are necessary for routine tests. Some tests require a period of fasting or other fluid or dietary modifications prior to completing and therefore require appointed time schedules. Clinical Labs reception staff will be able to advise and assist you in scheduling an appropriate time between the hours of 9am and 5.30pm.

Phone: 5792 3933